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May 25

The Dividend Tactics

Dividend Tactics – Best Dividend Paying Stocks After several years of investing with some success and some mistakes, I concluded that knowing the best penny stocks to watch wasn’t particularly helpful. The key is investing in the best dividend paying stocks. Sure, there is much less alpha to be had, but the volatility is so …

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Nov 05

The Surprising Yield of Simple Home Upgrades

home upgrade

Like most of my readers here at Dividend Tactics, I really love getting dividends from companies that I hold within my investment portfolio but I am not so fond of paying bills.  After I got my last electricity bill in the mail I recalled a study I performed a while back at work about how …

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Oct 20

Active Trading vs. Passive Investing

passive v active trading

The typical dividend growth investor, myself included, follows a buy and hold style where the day to day fluctuations of an individual stock are essentially ignored and the focus is instead directed on the receipt and reinvestment of dividends coupled with long term asset growth.  This strategy is also often referred to as passive investing, …

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