Sep 22

Portfolio Performance: September 2013

Well – I’ve been lazy lately. minimal website updates, falling behind on emails, etc…I wonder if it is a coincidence that my ‘laziness’ started about the same time as the NHL regular season….

Whatever the case, I am finally now getting around to posting my portfolio performance update for September 2013.  It was another pretty solid month with a nearly 2% capital gain and dividend income right where I expected it to be.

Probably the biggest event in my portfolio was the long overdue replacement of TransAlta with Canadian Utilities.  Why did I do this?  The answer really boils down to investment quality.  Other than the huge yield, TransAlta has been a bottomless pit for my portfolio – I buy shares and after a strong bull swing it drops again so I buy more and it drops more.  I took a loss on TA.  Not a big loss as it was hedged by significant income from dividends, but a loss for sure.  Sometimes though, you need to remove some bark to save the tree.  Reinforcing my decision was the results from my own Dividend Tactics (DT Score) investment quality rating system – TransAlta’s 425 is outclassed by Canadian Utilities’ 495.


The green area in the chart above now reflects my estimated dividend income for the next few years.

Most of the month’s transactions revolved around the removal of TA from my portfolio and it’s replacement with CU.  These were my buys:

My sales:

  • TransAlta (TA)

I have also updated my overall portfolio performance page.